The Catch Bin tab is only used for displaying data which may be stored in the other tabs. 

Service requests, inspections, and work orders added to this tab will be shown on the map display; those not in the Catch Bin will not be shown.  This option is available to prevent the map display from being over-cluttered with unnecessary amounts of CMMS data.

The Catch Bin may store any number of service requests, inspections, and work orders all at one time.  Right-clicking on any items in the Catch Bin will open a list of options to correspond with the particular work item.  

The toolbar at the top of the catch bin is rather simple and explained below from left to right.

Refresh - Refreshes or loads the initial list of Catch Bin items.  For all the tabs in the Work Manager, no information will be shown in each tab until the user clicks refresh.  Click on this button often to stay up-to-date.

Delete - Deletes the selected work item(s) entirely.  If you want to only remove the work item from the Catch Bin, you should use another option.

Show Explorer - Opens the Work Explorer for the selected work items(s).

Zoom To - Zooms to the selected work items(s).

Clear All - Removes all records from the Catch Bin.

Map Display Setting - Controls how the different work items should appear on the map once they are added to the Catch Bin.  There a two different set of controls: inspections & work orders and service requests.  Note that the inspections & work order tab has a check box so that symbols may be exchanged for drawn facility lines or points. 

In addition the service request tab includes the ability to draw an association line from the service request point to its associated facility/asset.