After running a rehabilitation plan using a decision tree, you may want to see how the suggested rehab actions may be fit into a preliminary budget.  InfoAsset Planner's Budget Plan tool is available to all facilities and vertical assets in the project database.

  1. The Budget Plan option may be found by right-clicking on a previously run rehabilitation plan and selecting Run Budget Plan...

  2. The Budget-Driven Rehabilitation window will now open.  This interface will reference all the data from the Rehabilitation Summary report and attempt to optimize and prioritize asset rehab given the specified budgetary constraints.  Below is a screenshot and descriptions of the different options in this interface.

    Rehab. Cutoff Risk Level - This specifies what assets should be included in this budget analysis.  In the example above, only assets graded as High or greater will be included in the budget plan.  The risk grades come from the risk analysis which is required to be associated with the rehab plan.

    Budget Allocation Method - Users may choose to allocate budget based on time (Phasing) or zone (Zoning).  In the example above, the budget is allocated based on phasing and the fields below are used to define the phases.  The Planning Period (Years) field is editable and may be customized.

    Estimate Budget - This option totals the cost of completing the assigned rehab actions for all assets meeting the Rehab. Cutoff Risk Level and divides the cost equally by the number of phases available.  So in the example above, the total cost of completing the assigned rehab actions for all assets with a Risk Grade of High or more as specified in the Rehab Summary report is $2.1 million dollars.  This total, split into five equal planning phases, equals to a total estimated budget of about $422,000 for each phase.  You may directly edit the Budget field to further customize.

  3. When the settings are complete, click Calculate.

  4. The results table will now appear.  This table is nearly identical to Rehab Summary table, but with the addition of two fields and one button.  The Phase and Rehab Year fields are now available which indicate when the rehab action was assigned to occur.  The phase field may be manually edited and updated.

    An additional button is also available to show a graphical view of the results .

    InfoAsset Planner uses an automated process which looks at risk analysis results, costs compared to available budget, and the number of total rehabilitations in order to fit rehab actions in budgetary phases most efficiently.  InfoAsset Planner will always try to perform rehab actions on the riskier assets (Total Score = 100) vs. less risky assets (Total Score = 60) first.  Once assets are ordered based on their risk scoring, InfoAsset Planner will fit as many higher risk assets in the earlier period as it can without going over budget.  You should always review results after running the analysis.