Assembly Blocks allow you to simplify large Data Miners and store useful, frequently used operations within a Data Miner.  The Data Miner comes pre-loaded with some System Assemblies already built, but you can create their own Custom Assemblies. 

Assembly Blocks are full Data Miners complete with Source Data and Tools simplified down into two different node sections.  For example, the Has Survey Data System Assembly can be recreated by using Gravity Main and CCTV Analysis Source Data building blocks and the Count Operation building block.  The results of the assembly and the full tool are identical, but the assembly takes up less space in the Data Miner layout interface.

You can save Data Miners as custom assemblies by clicking Save As in the toolbar.

Note: It is important to utilize model parameters in Data Miners that you wish to save as Custom Assembly Blocks.  The model parameters will allow you to control the inputs in the Custom Assemblies.