Advanced Reports are one of the most customizable and powerful features within InfoAsset Planner, but also one of the most complicated.

Advanced Reports are located within the Operation Center in the Toolbox tab.  Like HTML reports, right-clicking and generating a new report brings the user through a wizard interface.

There are many more templates for Advanced Reports compared to HTML Reports.  Hovering over reports in the Report Type Selection step allows you to see a preview of what their resulting report should look like.

After clicking Next, you can determine their dataset selection.  In this step, the Advanced Options button becomes selectable.  If you click this, you can adjust the output report location and the report type.  PDF reports are generally the most common, but other options are available.  The remainder of the wizard steps are generally the same.

Library Manager

Also included in the Advanced Report wizard is the Library Manager button.  At any time in the wizard process, you may click this and enter the Library Manager in order to view, copy, and edit Advanced Report templates.  Certain report templates, such as the Bill of Material shown below, are part of the InfoAsset Planner system library and cannot be deleted or edited.  These are default templates prepackaged with each InfoAsset Planner install.

Customized report templates may also be created and may be shown here.  Customized report templates are stored in the Report Library location specified by the System Database.  This Report Library location may be changed within InfoAsset Planner's Settings tabs or by selecting a new System Database.  Different report templates may be saved within each Report Library location, so you should be careful when switching Report Library locations so that they do not misplace templates.

User Guide

Because Advanced Report is such a complicated and custom topic, an entirely separate user guide has been created to answer any more questions users might have.  For further questions on this topic, please contact Innovyze Support.  More than any other tool within InfoAsset Planner, Advanced Reports requires technical know-how so please reach out if you need help creating a customized template.

*Note some screenshots in this guide still refer to 'InfoMaster' and not 'InfoAsset Planner'.  The transition is still in process, but for the time being, ignore and ready InfoAsset Planner.  Thanks for your patience!