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What's New in Info360 Asset

Info360 Asset, Innovyze’s new software as a service (SaaS) solution, has been designed to empower asset managers at water utilities to centrally manage costly inspection data and media delivered from their field-based condition data collection programs; leverage both historical and current condition data to monitor and assess condition and performance of their wastewater assets; and build and utilize models of likelihood and consequence of failure for renewal prioritization planning.

For more information on new features and improvements, please review our Product Release Notes.


  • Map
    • You can now view preview information about your pipes and manholes when hovering over them on the map, as shown below.
    • You can view your spatial layers on a map while setting up spatial proximity risk components for LOF and COF.
  • Admin


  • Inspections
    • In the inspection viewer, the time field is automatically populated when adding an observation to an inspection, based on the time of the video when add observation is clicked.
    • When uploading media for inspections, you can now click on the filename from the expected media section, which will copy it to your clipboard. This will allow you to quickly find media you are searching for on your local machine.
    • When uploading inspection media in bulk, files are now put in a queue which allows for better handling of many files at once. Now you can upload many videos and images at the same time without running into performance issues in Chrome browser.
  • Data import
    • Flexibility has been added for source file field names when importing data. Previously, specific field names were required, e.g. length field must be called “length”. Now the fields can have any name, if they are mapped properly.
    • You can now view map thumbnails of your spatial layers on the spatial data upload page, which gives you visual context for where your data is located.


  • Data import
    • Segmentid is automatically generated for assets if it’s missing a value. Since it's a required field, it will no longer cause import failures.
    • Pipes with “0” length or a missing value in the length field are ignored as part of import process, which will prevent failures for imports.
    • Quotations in asset field are now handled when importing assets, which will prevent the import from failing.