These are updates for an old version. To see the latest updates, visit the What's New page.

Visualization and Reporting Improvements

Pump Efficiency Chart

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The Chart tab in the Command Center has a Pump Efficiency subtab which can be used to plot a pumps head vs discharge operating curve.

Get started building your own pump curves from the How to Set up a Pump Curve Chart page.

Workspace Templates

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Any Workspace can now be turned into a Workspace Template tab in Workspace Overview.

Use this functionality for common layouts that apply to a variety of data sources. Rather than creating a Workspace for each sensor or sensor group, generate one template and open it on demand.

Enhanced flexibility in Reporting Module

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Previously only data that was preprocessed by dashlets could be accessed in the Reports. Now we've opened up the entire SCADAWatch database of any sensor's history to be accessed efficiently.

To learn more, refer to the Reporting page.

Analytics and Backend Improvements

BizBlocks Enabled to Perform Multi-step Calculations

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Gone are the days of tediously long analytical functions that accomplish multiple tasks in one carefully nested script. We've enabled you to simply push the output from one BizBlock into the input of the next BizBlock.

To learn more, refer to the BizBlock page.

BizBlock Cloning Module

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Setting up a detailed BizBlock analysis properly can take a while, but now you can close a BizBlock and simply map in the new inputs. This is useful for done zonal analysis or templated analysis on a certain sensor type. The internal variables used in the functions remain the same, but the inputs can be directly mapped to new sensor values.

To learn more, refer to the BizBlock page.

Enable Manual Entry for Updatable Sensors

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We now offer a space on the main SCADAWatch interface where users can manually upload data into updatable sensors.

This feature is accessed from the Data Source tab in the Command Center.

For those with Admin rights, a more powerful way to import data for updatable sensors is uploading a file or simply copy and pasting from the Server Configuration page.

Server Log Page

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A Server Log window was added to the Administration page that gives access to review errors and debug logs to review system performance.


Note that you will need to set the storage setting of the Logging section to "db" or "both" in the SCADAWatch.ini File to access the log information in the software.

New Analytical Functions

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The following functions have been added to the Analytical Functions library. Click each function to access the description page.