These are updates for an old version. To see the latest updates, visit the What's New page.

Interface and Feature Improvements

Workspace Management

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The list of available created workspaces can displayed in one of three tabs:



Displays a collapsible list of all saved Workspaces. Click on any Workspace to open it in the main window.

Organizes the workspaces by group.

Organizes the workspaces by the user that created each workspace.

Furthermore, the workspaces visible to each user can be specified using Workspace Accessibility:

Role / Permission





Read & Write

Read & Write

Read & Write


Read & Write

Read & Write

Read & Write

Read-Only User

No Access

Read Only

Read Only

Workspace-Only User

No Access

No Access

Read Only

Refer to the Workspace Overvie page for further information.

Reporting Module

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The Reporting module in SCADAWatch has been updated and improved with direct access and management built into the Command Center.

Reporting allows users to set up customized reports that dynamically access live data feeds. Once set up, these reports can easily be published on a routine basis with the most up to date state of the system data.

Refer to the Reporting page for more information.

Analytical Functions Window Update  

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Search Capability

Begin typing in the Search box of the Analytical Functions window to get an immediate list of all the functions containing the typed content. This can greatly speed up finding favorite functions.

Sensor Tab

A Sensor tab was added to the Analytical Functions library which gives access to select any sensor in the system directly. 

Go to the Analytical Functions Page for more information on using functions.

Administrative Back-end Features

Updatable Sensors

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SCADAWatch can now support Updatable Sensors which can update the stored data they display as data is pushed to them via the Data Collection System Module. This format is especially suitable for hydraulic model data which can be implemented as forecasts. Once loaded to an updatable sensor, the data can be viewed as a Chart for comparisons (e.g. comparing modeled results with measured data).


Go to the Sensor Data page for information on setting up Updatable Sensors.

Event Data Sensors

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Event Data Sensors are used to import time history data of certain events in time that contain information related to the system. This data can later be plotted along side measured data to show how certain events correlate with data in the system.

Event data is different from MetaData in that is not associated with a specific sensor. For example, one might want to bring in a history of O&M data or customer complaints, and then plot those points against several sensors in the system to review precursor trends in the data that could predict problems before they happen. This would then be implemented as Alerts.

Event Sensor data can be accessed on Charts, or by using one of the following Analytical Functions:
EventCount, EventData, and EventDuration

Go to the Sensor Data page for information on setting up Event Data Sensors.

Server Status

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The Server Status page is now the landing page for Server Configuration. This page gives a brief summary of the status of the SCADAWatch server.

The Admin can review the version, whether or not there is an error, the included modules associated with the license, and the number of used and available licenses.

Data Collector Service

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The SCADAWatch Data Collector (available in SCADAWatch Suite) provides a method accessing live data that comes in file format rather than standard database data.

This is used for Updatable Sensors which are especially suitable for importing hydraulic model results.

The Data Collector can upload files in one of three formats so far: CSV, XML, or JSON.

The Data Collector is set to look for new files at a set location (accessible to the SCADAWatch server) on a routine basis and upload the included data to an Updatable Sensor.

Refer to the Data Collection System Module page for more information.

Offline Mode

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SCADAWatch can now be configured to work completely offline.

This allows full interaction with the data, without requiring the online map capability.

Refer to the Info360.ini File Configuration page for more information.