These are updates for an old version. To see the latest updates, visit the What's New page.

Complete Update of Layout and Interface

The main difference in version 6.0 is very obvious as the layout is completely new and improved.

The Workspace Overview page gives a complete summary of the new layout.

Notably, Dashboards have been replaced by Workspaces. When upgrading a site, any saved Dashboards will be converted to Workspaces.

Workspaces are configurable pages that can contain a group of Charts, Gauges, and Dashlets.

In addition, the Navigation window was replaced by the Command Center which combines data organization with controls.

New Analysis Tools

Chart Option Panel

 More information about this feature

A collapsible control panel has been added to historic data charts which gives quick access to common Reference Charts.

Go to Chart Options tab in Charts for more information.

The default visibility of the Chart Option panel is controlled in the Settings.


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Patterns allow SCADAWatch to compile aggregate repeating trends found in measured data.

For example, running an hourly pattern on flow from the treatment plant for a month can quickly show the average 24 hour pattern of water supply used that month.

Refer to the Patterns page for more information.

Biz Block

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Biz Blocks are simple tools that allow multi-component analysis.

Several inputs of sensor data can be specified, which can be fed into output functions that leverage each of the inputs as well as Analytical Functions.

For more information, refer to the BizBlock page.

New Analytical Functions

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Several new Analytical Functions have been added to the library of tools in SCADAWatch:



Date and Time Functions

Gives access to output the date and/or time values associated with sensor data.

Current Time Functions

Gives access to output the current date and/or time.

IIF - If statement

Standard If statement: IIF( Expression, True value, false value).


Performs ARIMA analysis to predict future values in a time series.


Aggregates time series data to output average values for specified time intervals.


Retrieves sensor metadata that has been imported for the sensor. Refer to Server Configuration for setting up metadata association.