This page lists all the new features and improvements in Info360 2019.2 that are not available in previous versions. This list does not include bug fixes and minor improvements.

Elevation is now added as an attribute on pressure sensors and a function is added that converts pressure to head

Some mathematical expressions expect head as an input, or sometimes you want to see pressure sensor outputs purely expressed in head values. Info360 2019.2 enables that.

Postgres support has been added, giving you an alternate (and more time-series friendly) option for data storage

Postgres is ultimately a more performant database for our usage and will give you a better read/write performance.

Search operators now include “=>” and “<=”

There is now more flexibility on how you search and compare values across the system.

Allow Patterns to be specified over the “last X number of days” for ease of use

Instead of specifying a specific date or date interval, this release makes it easier for you to simply select the last number of days you want to see the pattern for (7, 30, 365, etc.).

Allows you to aggregate sub-hourly patterns over longer time periods

You can view, for example, 15 minute intervals over longer periods (24 hours) for better pattern analysis.

Rich Text Dashlets are now available for you to include free form text in a workspace

This allows you to add any free-form text to a workspace. This could be a caption to a chart or Biz Block, or static text describing the workspace as a whole. This further enables the workspace to be treated as a de-facto report without having to use the more complex reporting tools.

For Biz Block, allowing you to choose a single time step or all available time intervals

There is now more granular control over how the Biz Block is run and gives you the intervals that align with their project needs (and can run faster).

Ability to force sensor sampling from last known data (as opposed to a full resample all the way back in time)

You can now quickly pull recent data if the auto-sampling has not already done it. Also, you do not have to resample the entirety of the sensor, just grab the latest. Better performance and usability for quick sensor updates.

Multi-threaded Agents

By allowing agents to co-process, performance can be improved.

Better monitoring of agents and alerts if Agent is not connected

If Agents or database are not functioning properly, display a permanent banner at the top. This way, you are made clearly aware that there is some connection issue you should investigate as opposed to simply not knowing.

Allow the user-selected sampling function (e.g. open, close, average, high, etc) for group-sensors in Biz Blocks

Allows you more control over how data are selected and used in the analysis.

Add sensor grouping to Mass Balance to allows you to easily deal with large number of input sensors

Much cleaner design screens to work with.

Provide sensor interpolation for 0 value sensor readings using the last two known data points

An alternative option for you to fill in missing data.

Additional improvements:


  • Mass Balance and Biz Block runs separately in agent session so that they do not interfere with sampling schedule.


  • Provide the ability in sensor configuration to allow sampling of most recent data.
  • Allows you to adjust sampling time gap and processing time gap in Server Configuration page.
  • Add sorting to Sensor Configuration page.


  • Allow you to select the raw time series to use on multi-sensor inputs in Biz Block.
  • Export sensor health listing to Excel.
  • Enable incremental Mass-Balance calculation so that analysis would not recalculation the entire history.
  • Add Search construction to Alert on home page.
  • Alert now display description of search rather than formula.
  • Add group input to Mass Balance.
  • Add option to support only one time-step interval in Biz Block.