Time Average divides total value in an interval by the full time interval duration in seconds. If a typical time series is passed to the function, it will just use the time series value. If a sensor is passed to the function, it will use the pre-calculated interval total value. For a flow rate sensor, the total value is the total volume in the interval.



Sensor ID*

The unique ID of the sensor data to be used in the function.

Example Usage as an Expression

TimeAverage('Sensor ID') - General expression for this function. Finds the Time Average value for a specific sensor ID.

TimeAverage('PRV1-2B.PRV Flow Rate') - Finds the Time Average value for sensor PRV1-2B.PRV Flow Rate.

Example Reference Chart

In the following example, a TimeAverage function is used in the Historical Chart of the sensor F02 Discharge Pressure. The resulting graph shows the Time Average (orange line) for the sensor F02 Discharge Pressure for the time interval in seconds.

For information on setting up custom equations and syntax, please refer to Analytical Functions.