The Status Chart tab of the Command Center shows the status information for a set of sensors that you define.



Sensor Group

Drop-down menu to select the sensor group data for the new Status Chart.

Data Source

The set of sensor(s) associated with the sensor group to be the primary source of data to be reported in the chart.

Note: By default, Info360 shows the first 1000 sensor listing. To show search results beyond the first 1000, enter a keyword and then click the search icon (indicated by the red search icon ).


Once added to the Workspace, the Status Chart can be further configured using a few built-in functionality.

  • Hover along the graph to display the status of a sensor at a particular date and time.
  • Click the calendar on the top-left section to change the date, hour, and minute of the chart being displayed.

Status Chart Example

The resulting Status Chart shows whether or not a sensor is running its analytical function at the certain time. In the following example, the Timber Ridge Station Flow has an ON status at 10/09/2018 15:00:00.