The Info360 Settings window can be accessed by clicking on the user name in the upper left corner of the Workspace. The window is separated into four main Tabs:

Map Settings



Enable Sensor Value Labeling

When checked-on , causes current sensor reading values to appear in the Map View.

Live Sensor Value Interval

Sets the frequency at which Sensor Value Labeling (above) is updated.

Display limit for Shapefile objects

Sets a limit on the maximum number of objects within a Shapefile to be loaded on the screen at once. This is applicable when using external shapefiles for mapping rather than ArcGIS Online services.

Notice for ArcGIS Online users:

Tiled layers will display all objects without performance issues.

Feature Layers (which contain object attributes that can be accessed via clicking) have a display limit defined by the ArcGIS Online service for efficiency.

For more information on mapping layers, refer to the Data Connection page.

Chart Settings



Show Chart Option Panel

When checked, charts will display the Chart Option panel open whenever they are loaded.

Default Data Interval

When charts are loaded (i.e. created or when workspace is opened), they will initially display data at the specified default data interval (e.g. Daily).

Default Series

Sets default data interval for Charts. The default is used when creating a new Chart, and the user can modify it afterwards.

Refer to Chart Configuration for a description of each data series option.

Max Number of Transient Data Series

Specifies a cap on the number of transient data that can be brought into a chart. This limit is set for browser loading efficiency; see warning below.

Max Chart Data Point Limit

Specifies a cap on the number of data points that will be plotted at once for a given data series. The data window will automatically adjust to maintain this limit for browser loading efficiency.


Please note that setting a higher data point limit than the default can result in delays while loading Charts.

Mass Balance Chart Settings



Default Data Interval

Sets default data interval for Mass Balance Charts. This does not affect the Mass Balance analysis results.

Miscellaneous Settings




Specify the language from the available dropdown list. Click  then reload page to apply change.

Automatically save workspace

When checked, any changes made while working will be saved to the current workspace every 60 seconds.