The Sensor Health page is accessed from the Home page and provides a snapshot report of the health of the Info360 system in terms of Database health, Agent health, as well as the health of each sensor on the site.

The top bar provides a glance view at the count of currently connected databases, agents, and sensors out of the total. The count of alerts can also be seen in the upper right corner based on priority level.

Database Health

This page reports on the Historian database connection success or failure. It can be used to quickly see if and when connectivity is lost for any data connection. The reporting values are based on 15 minute increments.

Agent health

This page reports on processing work done by each agent connected to the Info360 system.

Reporting is done by counting the number of tasks carried out by each Agent over 15 minute increments. This allows system administrators to ensure that all agents are functioning properly in a balanced load distribution.

Sensor Heath

This page reports on all sensors with a searchable and sort-able table displaying quick metrics about the sensors recent health and status.

  • Up Time - This statistic reports how many intervals out of the past window had valid sensor values (see also Uptime).
    It is important to note that the values reported are dependent on the time window selected at the top of the page.
    • 1 Hour and 8 Hour options are based on the sampling interval for each sensor over the 1 or 8 hour window.
      For example, 45.83% on an 8 hour window for a sensor with sampling on 5 minute intervals means that 44 of the past 96 (from 8*60/5) intervals had at least one value recorded.
    • 24 Hour and 7 Days options are based on hourly interval Uptime calculations over the selected time window.
      For example, 95.83% on a 24 Hour window implies that 23 of the previous 24 hours had at least one sensor value recorded.
  • Lifetime statistics - These statistics use the LifeMean, LifeMax, LifeMin, and LifeStdDev functions which provide a current indicator of the overall sensor's behavior. The values are calculated on a daily basis using hourly values.
You have the option to export the Sensor Health report to *.xls by clicking the Export button.

Because the lifetime statistics are only calculated once per day, there are some cases where the current day's values can exceed the bounds of LifeMin and LifeMax. These statistics will be updated again at midnight to reflect the new max and min.