The Reference Chart Style window controls the plotting style of any added reference charts.

This window pops up after specifying new data to add to a chart using the option in the Charts toolbar.



Series Name

Specifies the data series name as it appears in the Chart Legend.


Dropdown menu to select which chart window panel to plot the data on. [Main Panel] (default) will plot the data in the top pane with the primary sensor data.


The Reference Chart will be plotted on a New Pane when the option is selected from the Analytical Functions window.

Chart Type

Specifies the plotting style of the reference chart. See Chart Type in the Chart Configuration for descriptions and examples of each style.

Customized Color

When checked (), a custom color can be used for plotting the reference chart. Click the colored box to open the Color Selection Tool.

When unchecked, a default color will be assigned.

Use New Y Axis

When checked (), a new y-axis along the right side of the panel will be created and used for the reference chart.

When unchecked, the reference chart will be plotted using the existing y-axis on the left side of the pane.