The following workflow is a simple step by step process to publish a InfoWater or InfoSWMM project to ArcGIS Online.


The following process requires an ArcGIS Online Account

  1. Open an ArcMap Project.

  2. Sign in to ArcGIS Online.

  3. Publish project to ArcGIS Online.

  4. Select ArcGIS Server Connection.

  5. Make sure to check "Feature Access" before publish.

  6. View the project on ArcGIS Online.  Check the box next to 'Everyone', in the Share dialog box, so you wont need to sign in to ArcGIS Online when is employing its services.

  7. Copy the service URL.

  8. Fill map server address with service URL in Config page step 2. Then click  to load layers.
  9. Select the layers you want to use for and specific sensor ID field.