Retrieves the Standard Deviation (StdDev) of a sensor for the last five years. The value is calculated daily based on an hourly interval.



Input Data*

Defines the time series data fed into the function. This can be a sensor ID or another function.

*Input data is optional in most cases. If Info360 detects that the first input is time series data, it will be applied to the function. Otherwise, the current active sensor's data will be used, which is often the case in Reference Charts.

Example Usage as an Expression:

LifeStdDev(317027.Flow Rate) - Outputs the standard deviation of the flow rate from the DMA027.1 Bayliss Rd Fwd input sensor for the last five years.

Example Reference Chart:

The following example shows the standard deviation of the flow rate for the past five years, designated by the green line, using data input from sensor DMA027.1 Bayliss Rd Fwd. The standard deviation (orange line) and flow rate (blue line) for a time period are shown in the same graph for easy comparison. 

For information on setting up custom equations and syntax, please refer to Analytical Functions.