Water utilities continue to be faced with pressure to renew and operate their infrastructure more effectively while maintaining costs. Efficiency-enabling technology and real-time operational analytics provide the impetus to accomplish these goals. 

Designed for online applications with existing SCADA systems and metering systems, Info360 helps water utility operators monitor and manage water operations more effectively. It lets you configure and tailor your dashboard applications and key system performance indicators to your business needs, and track and communicate about KPI status updates in real time. This software uses advanced data management, visualization, correlation and collaboration technologies and predictive analytics to help you transform your real-time data into actionable insights to guide your operational decision-making.

Info360 is a real time event detection and data management system. Info360 analyzes and monitors SCADA data in a web browser environment.


Info360 is a Web application, with an Administrator and a Core Application interface. Each interface is described below. 

The Administrator configures SCADA data connection and sensors through the web administrative interface. It has the following four tabs:

  • Server Connection – configures SCADA data connection database.
  • ArcGIS Server Configuration – configures Map web address.
  • Sensor Data – configures sensor data source.
  • Review and Sample – Review the changes and start pre-sampling of data. 

Core Application access the core application through the main web interface. The core application has the following menus:

  • Map - zoom, pan, and interact with your system by selecting sensors and viewing their data.
  • Data Source - review and filter the inventory of sensors and interact with their data.
  • Chart – visualize sensor data, add studies.
  • Search – create search condition and run search on sensor or group to identify sensors that meet the condition.
  • Track – create a task and schedule it to run continuously to identify event in real time.
  • Alert - review and resolve detected system alerts from tracking.
  • Dashlet - create graphics that can be combined for powerful dashboards.
  • Mass Balance - calculate the water usage and leakage from measured flows and storage changes.
  • BizBlock - set up customized analytics modules that calculate system data in real time.
  • Pattern - aggregate data to find recurring patterns in data; these can be used in InfoWater models.
  • Report - configure custom reports that update as new data becomes available. 


Info360 is a proactive, real-time network performance monitoring software. It brings all key performance metrics together in the control room with sophisticated analytics for proactive decision-making and business process optimization. This allows water utility operators to better leverage real-time data for information flows that are faster, more relevant, analytically optimized and actionable. The result is proactive water network management that will not only help make the distribution of safe drinking water more efficient and reliable, but help users improve business responsiveness and customer service.

Easy to learn and use, Info360 provides a comprehensive framework allowing users to display, analyze, query, share, and report detailed network performance results. It also equips them with a range of sophisticated graphical presentation tools, including map viewing, graphing, customizable tabular reporting and more, to showcase results in a compelling way. This insightful view makes it easy for users to quickly evaluate and act upon any operational issues.