Follow these steps to successfully install Info360:


  • Admin rights on the server where Info360 will be installed
  • Have the Info360 license information handy from the email sent by Innovyze.
  • Go through the Pre-Installation Steps outlined here.
  • Download the latest installer from the Innovyze Website
    • Info360 X.X – Required
    • Info360 Agent X.X - (Optional) Recommended for routine data sampling
    • Info360 Data Collector X.X - This add-on requires a separate license as it is a separate purchase from the Info360

Install Info360

  1. Double-click to run the installer; admin rights required.
  2. Click Next on the Welcome page.

  3. Review the License Agreement and click Yes to accept and continue.

  4. Enter the CD Key.

  5. Enter the User Name, Company Name and the Serial Number.

  6. A Default Web Site will be selected, click Next.

  7. Select a place where Info360 server components will go. By default it is: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Info360. Click Next.

  8. Click Yes to confirm the name used for the application pool in the IIS manager.

  9. Some of the Info360 components goes to Program Files as well. If desired, change the path. Click Next.

  10. Install process will begin.

  11. If prompted for additional steps, simply click OK.

  12. A separate window will be launched during the above installation process which asks for the database information.

  13. Click OK on the above screen. Depending on above notes/steps, it could take some time and show a window below:

  14. From the machine where Info360 is installed, navigate to this link: http://localhost/Info360/ which will load the Info360 log in page.
  15. Please Contact Innovyze for the default User Name and Password