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What's new in Info360

The latest version brought significant performance enhancements, data management, and analysis controls.

Data Sampling

Sampling is at the core of how Info360 stores and interacts with data. This efficient model is based on the stock market.

What are Workspaces?

Workspaces are customizable pages where users can lay out saved charts and dashlets. Access them from the left panel.

The Command Ribbon

The Command Ribbon is the common toolbar among all Workspaces that is used to access stored data and analytics.

Server Configuration

The Server Configuration page controls database connections, the web map, sensor feeds, and much more.

Visualization Overview

Info360 offers numerous ways to visualize your data including charts, gauges, and dashlets.

Mass Balance Overview

Mass Balance analysis is used for Water networks and zones to calculate the usage and leakage of water over time.

Using Analytical Functions

Functions are the building blocks of Info360 analytics, accessed from the Library or combined in custom expressions.

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