Sensors can be organized in groups and then reviewed in a live summary table using Sensor Group Watcher in the Command Center.


  1. Go to the Data Source tab in the Command Center.
  2. Create a new custom Sensor Group by clicking , or select and  the desired existing Sensor Group.

  3. In the New/Edit Sensor Group pop up, enter a name for the group and click and select sensors to add to the Sensors field. Then click Finish.

  4. Go to the Chart Tab, select Watcher, and choose your Sensor Group from the dropdown.

  5. Click  to create the Watcher table in the current Workspace.
  6. Review the table. It shows the latest value of each sensor in the group. You can click in the upper left to show Reference Data as well for each sensor.

  7. Click on the Sensor ID to zoom to the selected sensor on the map, or click on the sensor value to add a Chart of the sensor data in the current Workspace.