Often times a user might want to search for specific events in past data.

This can be done directly on sensor data, or on a Historic chart using the Search key in the toolbar.


  1. Go to the Search tab and create or select a Search.

  2. Use Analytical Functions to refine the search criteria to find the desired events.

  3. Click  to save changes and then  to run the search
  4. The Run Search window will pop up. Select the sensor or Groups and the Time Range for the search. Then click Run Search.

  5. Review the search results table that is added to the Workspace. Calculated values from functions used in the search are output to the table for review. 

Workflow using Historic Charts:

  1. Create or select and design a Search following the steps above.
  2. Open a Historical Chart on any sensor of data. For example, click on the sensor on the map and select Show Historical Chart.
  3. Click the  icon in the Chart toolbar to select a Search to run.

  4. Select the desired Search and Time Range. Then click Run Search.

  5. Review the Search results on the Chart.