This page provides instructions on how to import a Pressure Zone Manager (PZM) file into Info360. The PZM file could be exported from InfoWater or InfoWater Pro, and then imported to Info360.


  1. Create a Mass Balance.
  2. Go to the Design Mode.
  3. Click the PZM Import icon.

  4. Navigate to the location of the PZM file that you want to import, select the file and then click Open. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the PZM file into the dialog.

    Import PZM file will reset the current Mass Balance Network and build a new one based on the PZM file.

  5. Click Validate. The application will then validate the PZM file and sensor definitions.

    If there are validation errors, a dialog will display showing the error.
  6. Click Import. Info360 will display the mass balance generated from the PZM file.
  7. Click Save.