Each user can configure and create their own personal workspaces to show the data they want at a glance.


  1. Click  in the Workspace list on the left pane. This will prompt for assigning a Workspace name and description.

    Note: clicking Make as default will cause this Workspace to open every time Info360 is opened.

  2. Add any Charts, Gauges, and Dashlets that you would like to see on a regular basis.
    Example: Go to the Map tab of the Command Center and click on a sensor. In the pop up, click Show Historical Chart.

  3. Configure Charts they way you want by selecting the time interval, time range (click to always see the latest data), and add any desired Reference Charts. Note: Dashlets can be set to always display the latest data by using Days Offset in the Dashlets.

  4. Make sure the Workspace is in Edit Mode (icon in top right), and then click and drag to resize and reorganize charts and dashlets in an intuitive layout.

    Note: You can also zoom to the associated area of interest on the Map tab. When you save and come back to this workspace, the map will zoom to that location automatically.

  5. Save changes to the Workspace by clicking  in the top of the screen by the Workspace name.