Dashlets of a similar type can be added on top of each other to display comparisons and comprehensive stories in one graph.

This is achieved using the Reference Dashlet functionality.


  1. Select or create a simple time series dashlet. For example, select a Tank Level sensor and use the Close() function with an hourly time interval.

  2. Make a Clone of that dashlet, and give it a similar name.

  3. Edit the clone dashlet to use a different Expression on the data. For example if it's a tank, use PercentFull() and set the Chart Type to Area.

  4. Scroll down to the Reference Dashlet field and click to find the original Dashlet name. Compatible Dashlets will be clickable while others are grayed out.

    Note: If you're comparing charts with the same units, toggle Use Main Y Axis for Reference Dashlets to plot them on the same axis.

  5. Save the Dashlet and  it to the workspace. Feel free to adjust formatting (display units, series color, time range) to reach the desired result.