In order for Info360 to configure a new sensor connection to the database, it most often needs a new location in sensor map layer. First add a point feature to the sensor shapefile or ArcGIS Online map layer, then load the updated map to Info360 and configure the sensor connection.

If a new measurement is being taken from the location of an existing sensor (e.g. pump stations often have multiple measurements), Info360 can use the same point in the map layer as long as the sensor type is different from the existing sensors at that point. In other words, Info360 simply requires that the combination of the Sensor ID (map point ID) and Sensor Type is unique. For example, a flow and pressure sensor can exist at the same location, but not two pressure sensors. When two sensors of the same type and location exist (e.g. pressure upstream and downstream of a pump), create two separate points in the shapefile at the same location.

Adding a sensor location to the map

This process depends on the type of web map your site uses. The following steps will explain how to directly edit the layer from ArcGIS Online (requires editing privileges). Alternately a shapefile can be edited and either directly loaded to Info360 or first published to ArcGIS Online and then loaded to Info360.

  1. Log into your ArcGIS Online account in a web browser and open the feature layer used for sensors.
  2. Go to the Settings tab and ensure that Enable Editing is toggled on. Other settings are optional.

  3. Select to Open in Map Viewer (from the Overview tab).

  4. Select the  tool and select the Sensor layer.   

  5. Zoom to the location of the sensor on the map, using the background basemap as a reference.
  6. Click to add the sensor point and fill in the fields. Info360 requires each sensor feature to have the following fields:   

  7. Save the changes made on the layer.

  8. Open the Info360 site's Server Config page (.../Config.html). On the Web Map section, click Reload by Map Server Source to retrieve the updated map service layer. (Alternately, upload a new shapefile or apply a new map service URL depending on the methodology used).
    Refer to the Web Map page for more information on the settings of this page.
  9. Click Save when finished.

Create new sensor configuration

  1. Navigate to the Info360 Server Config page (.../Config.html - this requires admin rights), and open the Sensor Data subtab on the left pane.
  2. If the new sensor is a tank level feed which corresponds with changes in tank volume storage, first set up any necessary tank curve data using the  (Tank Curve Manager). (This is not required if the tank is simply a cylindrical shape with constant diameter).
  3. Select  and choose New Individual Sensor to add and configure the new sensor.
  4. Fill out the Basic Configuration fields for the new sensor. Refer to the Sensor Data page for information on each field.
  5. Click  and  when done.
  6. Find the new sensor row in the table on the page and click Re-sample ().
  7. Return to the main Info360 page (App.html) and click Refresh then look for your new sensor.