Groups can be created for features of Info360 to better organize data within tabs of the Command Center.

While groups exist for all features of Info360 for better organization, Sensor Groups provide several other benefits:

  • Sensor Group Watcher displays a table of current data for a selected sensor group
  • Dashlets can be configured to display a group of sensors rather than just one
  • Tracks can be used to Search incoming data of a specific group of sensors

How to create/edit groups

Each of the tabs in the Command Center can contain groups. Groups are added by click the  button found on each Command Center tab. If a group is selected, use the  or  buttons to edit or delete the group.

For sensors, the New/Edit Sensor Group window controls the name, description, and the included sensors. Each sensor can be added to multiple sensor groups.

 New/Edit Sensor Group

List the sensors included in group.

The following methods allow for easy editing of the list:

  • Clicking in the box opens a dropdown menu of the optional sensors to include. Begin typing to filter the list of sensors.
  • Clicking the "x" on any sensor will remove it from the list. 

For all other objects (e.g. Tracks, Searches, Dashlets, etc.), the New/Edit group window only controls the name and description of the group.

 Add/Edit Group


To add objects to these groups, open the properties of the specific objects and assign them to the group.

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