Data authoring is a feature which allows Admins and Power users to make manual changes to underlying data used in Info360. This is important when sensors record incorrect values that cause problems later on throughout Info360 calculations. 

This feature is only available to user accounts with either Admin or Power User privileges.

Structure for Data Changes

Data Authoring allows manual changes to the raw underlying data from SCADA that is then used for sampling of sensor data.

Rest assured, Info360 only has read-only access to the SCADA historian or other source data so it is not able to make changes to external data. Instead it stores a local copy of any changes made by Data Authoring and uses these changes to re-sample the sensor for that period of time.

How to use the Interface

This functionality is accessed from a maximized Historic Chart. The maximize button, in the upper right corner will enable the Authoring Mode button .

Once Authoring Mode is activated, the chart will switch to show the raw data for the sensor(s) in the chart. Note that the Raw data view is intended only for the primary sensor and may result in drawing errors if reference charts are included.

In this view the user can click to select raw data points which appear in the right panel for editing.

  • Ctrl+Click will add selected data points to the editing list.
  • Shift+Click will add all data points between the current and previously selected point.

Individual values can be edited or removed in the table, or the  button will apply bulk data changes to all selected rows.

The  dropdown will show a history of any manual revisions made to the current sensor.

Clicking  at the bottom will save the raw data changes to a local table in the Info360 database and re-sample the sensor with the updated data.