Info360 provides a set of tools to access the current date and time in various formats.


Each of the Current Time functions use the same simple format with no input:

Function() - outputs the current date and time in the format specified by the function.




Returns the current date and time as a data type of "DateTime". Because of the data type, this output cannot be plotted on a graph as a reference chart.


Returns the current day of the month. For example, if the current date is December 19th, the function will output the value 19.


Returns the current day of the week as an integer with Sunday starting as 0. For example, Sunday is "0", Wednesday is "3", and Saturday is "6".


Returns the current hour of the day in military time. For example, 8:45 am outputs "8", while 8:45 pm outputs "20".


Returns the current minute of the hour. For example, 8:45 am outputs "45".

Example Chart:

The following example was created on Monday, the 19th day of the month, at 8:22 am.

Note that the current time is reported constantly at every measurement time.

Note: CurrentDate can not be plotted as a reference graph because the output data type is Datetime rather than "double".


There are certain cases where one might compare the time of measurement (Date and Time Functions) with the current time to determine how long ago a measurement occurred. This information can be applied in Alerts to only return recent instances of an event. 

For information on setting up custom equations and syntax, please refer to Analytical Functions.