Retrieves attribute value entered in the Sensor Data of Server Configuration.

You must first define the attribute value (Custom Fields) in the Sensor Data of Server Configuration before you can retrieve them using this function. For more information, refer to How to Manage Custom Fields.



Sensor ID

The unique ID of the sensor data to be used in the function.

Field Name*

Specifies the available attribute (Custom Fields) to be used for plotting.

*After the Custom Field for a given sensor type has been added in Sensor Data, the Field Name can be selected using a drop-down menu from the toolbar. 

Example Usage as an Expression:

Attribute([TimeSeries], Sensor ID, Field Name) - General expression to retrieve attribute value for a specific Sensor ID for a specific Field Name.

Attribute("attr.FlowRate","fieldC") - Retrieves attribute value for Sensor Alias Name "attr.FlowRate" for the field name "fieldC".

Attribute("1.FlowRate","Mean") - Retrieves attribute value for Sensor Alias Name "1.FlowRate" for the field name "Mean".

Example Reference Chart:

In the following example, a Historical Chart is used to display the discharge pressure of the sensor "F02 Discharge Pressure", and the attribute value for "MaxPressure" (represented by the yellow line), "LowPressure" (represented by the brown line), and "OptiomalPressure" (represented by the green line) are displayed in the same chart for easy visualization.

For information on setting up custom equations and syntax, please refer to Analytical Functions.