Returns the total count of alerts that have been triggered by a selected Track for a selected Sensor.



Sensor ID*

The unique ID of the sensor data to be used in the function.

This function must be run directly on raw sensor data. An internal function cannot be used (e.g. High(Previous(4))), as this does not pass all the required information.

Track ID*

Enter the ID of the Track to be used in the function.

Track ID's are shown in the "#" column of the Track table.

*Both the Sensor ID and Track ID are optional strings. Each can be left blank to count alerts from any sensor or any track respectively.

To enter a blank string, use ''

Example Usage as an Expression:

AlertCount('','') - Outputs the total number of alerts from all Tracks for any sensor during each sampled time step.

AlertCount('J50.Pressure','') - Counts the alerts from any track associated with sensor J50.Pressure at each time step.

AlertCount('','5') - Counts the total alerts from Track # 5 for any sensor during each time step.

Examples Reference Chart:

The following example shows the Alert Count and AlertDuration for a specific sensor.

The AlertCount() includes all Tracks by leaving the TrackID blank, while AlertDuration() reports specific to Track #2.

The AlertDuration is reporting the cumulative duration over the previous 48 hours at each point.

For information on setting up custom equations and syntax, please refer to Analytical Functions.