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The License Administrator allows XP software (xpdrainage, MicroDrainage and xpwater) licenses to be activated, viewed, maintained or transferred between machines.  

By default, the License Administrator is included with your xp software installation and can be launched from the Windows Start menu. Alternatively it is available as a standalone application that can be installed separately. There are five main actions available on the software: Install a Software LicenseShow License Details, Generate C2V FileApply V2C File, and Transfer a License To/From a Machine

Install a Software License

The Install Software License option downloads a new software license onto the machine via a Product Code provided by your Distributor.

To install a new license: 

  1. Run License Administrator from your xp software group in the Windows Start Menu
  2. Select "Install Software License" and click "Next"
  3. Enter the Product Code in the space provided, either manually or by copying (Ctrl+C) and pasting (Ctrl+V) from an email
  4. Click Next to download the software license on to your machine.

  • Installing a license requires an active Internet connection. If working offline, the license can be applied via a C2V and V2C. See the Generate C2V File and Apply V2C File tasks below.
  • This step is not to be confused with installing an Activation Code, which is used to activate an existing license to a new release of the software. See License Activation for more information.

Show License Details

The Show License Details option allows the contents of a given license to be viewed.

To show license details: 

  1. Run License Administrator from your xp software group in the Windows Start Menu
  2. Select "Show License Details" and click "Next"
  3. Select the license to view the details from
  4. Click Show to view the information in the box below, or Save to export the data to a LIC file so the information can be shared.

Generate C2V File

In order to update license information or extend the license expiry date, it will be necessary to generate and send a Client to Vendor (.C2V) file to Innovyze or the software distributor. C2V files contain essential license information such as the  License Key ID, available product features, host name, and others. The C2V file is also required for offline license activation.  

To generate a C2V file: 

  1. Run License Administrator. Select "Generate C2V File" and click "Next
  2. If updating existing license information, select the appropriate Software License Key ID from the dropdown list. If installing a new license offline, select "New Protection Key."
  3. Set the location where the C2V file will be saved by clicking the ellipses (...) under "Select C2V File"
  4. Click Next to save file


The selected Software License Key ID should correspond to the license details shown in the Sentinel Admin Control Center:http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html

Apply V2C file

After a C2V file has been created and sent to Innovyze or the distributor, users should receive a Vendor to Client (.V2C) file containing the updated information. This must be applied to the machine where yoru software is installed in order to proceed with offline license activation, or to update the stored license information.

To apply a V2C file: 

  1. Run License Administrator and select "Apply V2C file" 
  2. After hitting Next, click the ellipses and navigate to the folder where the V2C file received from Innovyze or the distributor has been saved
  3. Click next to apply the new license details

Transfer a Software License to or from Another Machine

The License Administrator provides users with the ability to transfer an xp software license from one computer to another. This process can be completed any number of times with your license; however the license will only allow the software to function on the machine where it currently resides.

  • The following steps require the ability to transfer the generated files between the source and target machines. This may be done via a network share, USB flash drive, or any other file transfer method. 
  • Once the Transfer File has been produced, the license will no longer function on either source or target machines until it has been applied onto the destination computer.

To transfer a license to another computer:

  1. On the target machine (the one where the license will be transferred to):
    1. Run License Administrator, and select "Transfer a Software License to this machine"
    2. After hitting next, click the ellipses to and browse to the location where the Recipient Details file (.id file) will be saved
    3. Transfer the generated .id file to the source machine
  2. On the source machine:
    1. Select "Transfer a Software License from this Machine" on License Administrator. Click next
    2. On the Generate Transfer File dialog, select the Recipient Details file, the Software License to transfer, and the location and file name of the Transfer File (.H2H file) to be generated. Click Next.

    3. Move the newly-created Transfer File to the target machine
  3. Back on the target machine: 
    1. Select the generated transfer file on the "Apply Transfer File" dialog. 

    2. Click Next to complete the transfer process