These release notes describe the new feature improvements for XPDrainage 2019.1.

Full Hydraulic SWMM5 Simulation Engine with Hydraulic LIDs

Adopting the SWMM5 engine brings you reliable and widely accepted hydraulic analysis of pipes, manholes and unique to XPDrainage, hydraulic LID structures. The analysis is significantly faster than the previous XPDrainage engine saving you time and giving you more confidence in your designs. It also offers more commonality with some of the other Innovyze modelling products that include SWMM5.

Improved Comparison Reporting

Build multiple reports to plot and tabulate results from different phases by total or individual objects enabling quick interpretation of results and aiding decision making when considering different stormwater control options.

User Defined Conduits

Open and closed conduits can be entered by coordinates to extend the range of connections that can be included in a network.

Change Multiple Templates 

Reduce time editing and correcting mistakes by changing templates on multiple items in one action.

Percentage Impermeable (PIMP)

Match standard UK procedures and more clearly demonstrate compliance to approving authorities.

Urban Creep

Increase impermeable areas to model future scenarios in an easy to understand and reportable way.

Chinese Design Rainfall

Auto generate design storms to size pipes and analyze networks based on the most widely accepted rainfall method in China, saving large amounts of time manually entering rainfall events.

Runoff Reduction Rate

Show the reduction in runoff volume compared to rainfall volume in a printable format without the need for manual calculation.

Pipe Sizing Improvements

  • Introduce backdrops when slopes/velocities exceed maximum values and could be reduced saving manual edits.
  • Refresh rational results and re-audit against pipe sizing criteria to view updated catchment data on pipe sizing report without rerunning the wizard.
  • Audit pipe sizing criteria against connections to pre-test network before sizing takes place.
  • Minimum DS Invert Level and Cover Depth per connections available and shown on Profile to meet fixed conditions or work with existing network infrastructure.
  • Add Network Mode on plan for quicker layout of pipes and manholes.

For information about the improvements in earlier versions of the application, refer to Improvements in Previous Releases