By defaultxpdrainage will load the most appropriate language based on your computer's current region settings. A number of these different languages (en-GB, de-DE, fr-FR, etc.) will come prepackaged with your copy of xpdrainage. However, the software is designed to be easily translated into other languages via the use of a Translations.xml file should you want to override the automatic functionality.


Typically, this translation process does not need to be followed by end users; it will be completed automatically by the software, by XP Solutions, or by the associated distributor for a given area. If you would like to obtain a translation for another language please contact your distributor or XP Solutions.

In order to have a localized version of xpdrainage, users can be provided with a 'Translations.xml' file, which is a type of a dictionary for the application. The file mainly consists of key-value pairs: the key, which is given in English, is converted to the value, which is in the target language, and appears in the application.

To aid the creation and maintenance of a translations file for distributors and power users, xpdrainage includes the  Translation Administrator tool. This provides the ability to produce a Translations.xml file , which will be placed in your computer's xpdrainage folder within the AppData directory (typically %AppData%/innovyze/XPDRAINAGE) 

Using the Translations.xml file

After the Translations.xml file has been created or updated, please follow these steps:

1)      Ensure that xpdrainage is closed.

2)      Locate your custom “Translations.xml” file.

3)      In Windows File Explorer, type into the url bar: %AppData%/Innovyze/XPDRAINAGE

4)      Copy and paste the file into this directory.

5)      Close the File Explorer window.

Now run the xpdrainage application. The software will load the new translations file and update the values with those entered in Translations Administrator.