When importing a LandXML file the contents of the file are shown to allow the selected file to be validated and the required networks to be chosen.


This is the details of what applications saved the file, with the version in brackets after the name.


This is the details of the project that the file was created for. This may be blank, but will default to the filename in most applications. i.e. the DWG file used to create the LandXML file in Civil 3D.

Available Networks

This shows the set of networks within the file to indicate what information will be loaded. You can then turn a network on or off using the Checkbox in the load column.

  • Load - Include or exclude the network from the import.
  • Name - The name of the pipe network
  • Number of Pipes - The number of Pipes, or Connections in XPDRAINAGE, that are contained in the network.
  • Number of Structures - The number of Structures, or Junctions/Manholes, that are contained in the network.

Click OK to complete the Loading of the selected data. Click Cancel to prevent the load taking place.