The Import Ribbon allows information to be loaded from file as either background imagery or actual design information

Background Data

Surface Data - Specify terrain information.

CAD Data - Launches the Load CAD Wizard for Background Data.

GIS Data - Launches the Load GIS Wizard for Background Data.

Background Images - Load background images.

From LandXML

Import Pipe Network - Allows a pipe network to be imported from a LandXML file.

From CAD

Inflows - Launches the CAD Import Wizard for Inflows.

Stormwater Controls - Launches the CAD Import Wizard for Stormwater Controls.

From GIS

Inflows – Launches GIS Import Wizard for Inflows.

Junctions – Launches  GIS Import Wizard for Junctions.

Stormwater Controls – Launches  GIS Import Wizard for Stormwater Controls.

Connections – Launches  GIS Import Wizard for Connections.

From Text

Inflows – Launches CSV Import Wizard for Inflows.

Junctions – Launches  CSV Import Wizard for Junctions.

Stormwater Controls – Launches  CSV Import Wizard for Stormwater Controls.

Connections – Launches  CSV Import Wizard for Connections.

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