Allows Saving, Loading, and Editing of Custom Chamber Cross Sections. These chambers are used in the Chamber.

Coordinates can be input by hand, or by copying and pasting from your preferred spreadsheet program. They can also be loaded from a previously saved file, or from a range of standard formats such as CSV using the Open File option in the toolbar.


Input coordinates will be validated on leaving the form. Please ensure all coordinate sets obey the following rules:

  • No adjacent identical coordinates - This includes the first and last point being the same
  • The shape produced must not cross itself
  • All points must be positive

Finally, the input shape must be closed; Open Sections are not currently supported.


Remove Coordinate

Removes the selected row from the coordinates table and the corresponding point in the cross section preview.

Clear All

Removes all data from the coordinates table and the cross section preview.

Open File

Opens files saved with the .XPCHX file extension and displays the corresponding coordinates table and cross section preview. Most other standard text and spreadsheet formats can also be loaded; this will use the  Universal Importer.

Save File

Saves the current coordinates table and cross section preview as a file with the .XPCHX file extension.

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