If xpdrainage crashes for any reason, users may be able to recover the latest version of their work upon restarting the software. 

In order to prevent data loss, the Autosave option can be set in the  Preferences menu to automatically save a backup of the project, and how often it will create the recovery file. 

To enable or disable autosave: 

  1. Open the Preferences dialog box by clicking File -> Preferences
  2. Once the dialog box is open, place a check mark beside 'Autosave' to enable autorecovery. 
  3. Set the Autosave frequency by entering the time in minutes
  4. To disable autorecovery, remove the check mark beside 'Autosave'
  5. Click 'Close' to save the selection, and close the dialog box

To recover a backup file:

  1. Restart xpdrainage
  2. If Autosave is enabled, the following dialog box will appear:

  3. Select the file(s) to be recovered and press 'Recover, or 'Skip' to ignore the recovery step 
  4. Click 'Open' to load the recovered file, or click 'New' to delete the recovery file and start a new project


If the project has not been saved previously, xpdrainage will prompt users to save and rename the recovered file.