Stormwater Controls (SWC) will often vary between projects, locations and clients.  Flexibility of design facilities is crucial.  Take a look, we've got you covered.

The flow routing through a SWC is described in Analysis of SWC/Junctions.

A list of the different types of SWC is shown to the right, below are images of various systems.  Click on an image or on a facility type for details.

BioretentionPondPorous Paving
SwaleTankInfiltration Trench

Both the Quick Storage Estimate Calculator and Water Quality Calculator can be accessed via the Stormwater Control Sizing Calculator button on the properties form of each Stormwater Controls - SWC. They can also be accessed via the Design Tools Ribbon.

XPert tip: Using  Templates, any one of these Stormwater Control types can be saved in order to use it elsewhere in the same design or in a completely different assessment.

These systems can be customized to represent a variety of drainage or treatment facilities.  Please review the description of each system to see which one would be the most convenient to use. 

Workflow - What's next...?

Inflows connect to either Junctions or Stormwater controls via Inlets. Specify an Outlet on these objects then choose to connect to another Junction or Stormwater Control.

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