xpdrainage 2017.1 Help Documentation XDH2017v1

Templates can be created to automate the design of Connections, Stormwater Controls, Inflows, Simple Junctions and Manholes.


The Templates manager is accessed from the File menu. It is split into the following two viewing sections:

Templates Item: this offers a Tree View list of the current user defined Templates as well as the default templates for the sections.

Template Details: this offers details of the selected Template Item (the image above shows the details of an Inflow Area named Urban Runoff)


New - Creates a new Template under the desired item location

Open -  Opens an existing Template file (*.xptx)

Save - Save a Template file (*.xptx)

Add - Add a new Template item

Duplicate - Duplicate a Template item

Delete - Delete a Template item



Workflow - What's next...?

Connect Inflows to your Stormwater Control, specify Inlets or Outlets or connect 
to another Stormwater Control or Junction.

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