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The Plan view is the main design surface within the software and shows the graphical layout of the Site. The location of Stormwater Controls (SWC), Inflows, Inlets and Outlets can be specified graphical as well as drawing Stormwater Control areas and connecting items with Connections.

New items can be added to the Plan by dragging them from the Toolbox. Items are highlighted on the Plan when they have focus on the Tree View.

The right-click menu show possible actions depending on what has focus on the Plan.

Bypass Connections

A Bypass Connection can be added via the right-click menu on Plan or via the Build Ribbon. When hovering over an inlet, junction or stormwater control the right-click menu will show this option and the connections available.

When the Bypass Connection is drawn it is shown with a dotted line.


At the bottom of the plan are Coordinates and Hints. The coordinates section shows the current mouse location in world coordinates. An elevation is also shown if a TIN Surface has been loaded. Deluge results are also given if data is available.

The hints section details the typical actions available to you depending on the mouse position and what item has focus on the Plan.

The center divider can be moved by dragging it with the mouse.


Workflow - What's next...?

Connect Inflows to your Stormwater Control, specify Inlets or Outlets or connect to another Stormwater Control or Junction.

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