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Outlets represent Flow controls that allow flows to leave a Stormwater Control, a Manhole or a Junction at a restricted rate. Click on the individual Outlet links to see specific input details.

A list of the different types of Outlets is shown on the right - select one of these Outlet Types to view the details.


Outlets are created as part of a Junction, Manhole or Stormwater Control to stipulate how much of the water will leave the structure. They can be accessed via the Outlets tab.

Each structure can have one or more outlets with each outlet linked to a single connection.




Junction or Stormwater Control: look for the Outlets Tab within the Properties form


Outgoing Connection

This is the list of outgoing Connections that are leaving the given structure.
Use the drop-down box to select which item connects to each outlet of the Stormwater Control or Junction.

The Connection assigned to an outlet can be modified. If another Connection is selected, the original Connection will be assigned to the Outlet that had the new Connection.

Outlet Type

This is the list of Outlet types, as shown in the menu on the right-hand side panel on this page.

Outlet Properties

This box shows the properties that need to be specified for the selected Outlet.

Outfall Details

If the Junction or Stormwater control is an Outfall an additional box is shown under the outlets table that allows the outfall type to be stipulated.

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