xpdrainage 2017.1 Help Documentation XDH2017v1

Inflows are sources of flows for the Site. Click on the individual Inflow links to the right to see specific input details.

Common Tabs


Details of the specific Inflow are entered.



The name of the pollutant, as listed on the Pollutants form


Enter the concentration of the pollutant as it washes off the Area or Hydrograph. This is a constant rate of concentration.

Land Use

Applies only to Catchment Area, Green Roof and Roof. Currently used to specify Percentage Impervious for the Advanced Water Quality Calculator Method (NYS Design Manual). Will be expanded at a later date.

Rainwater Tank

The option to include a rainwater tank which takes flow at the source. Follow the link above for specification details.

Workflow - What's next...?

Connect Inflows to your Stormwater Control, specify Inlets or Outlets or connect to another Stormwater Control or Junction.