The Ruler Tool allows users to draw a poly-line to measure lengths and slopes, or an area in the Plan. 


When the Ruler icon is selected on the Plan Ribbon, a display window shows the results of the measurement in real-time. 

Lengths and slopes measurement

To measure a length or slope, select the Ruler tool, and left-click anywhere on the Plan window. Continue left-clicking to add points, and press <Enter> or right-click to set the endpoint. 

Single Length - The length of the last segment

Total Length - The total length

Single Slope - The slope of the last segment

Total Slope - The total slope

Area measurement

To measure an area, select the Ruler tool and left-click anywhere on the Plan window to set the starting point. Continue clicking to draw on the area to be measured, and click on the first point to close the polygon. 

Area - The area defined by the drawn polygon.


Add point - Left click on the plan

Remove point - Press <Back>

Finish drawing - Right click on the plan or press <Enter>

Cancel drawing - Press <Cancel>

Close polygon - Join the cursor to the first point click or press <Enter>. The drawing must contains more than two segments and with no crossing edges.

When the drawing is finished, click on the plan, to clean and re-start the drawing stage, or press the <Esc> key.