xpdrainage 2016 Help Documentation XDH2016v1

Known flows can be entered as a Time/Flow relationship using the Hydrograph Inflow type. Hydrograph data can either be entered manually by clicking the "New" icon , or from an existing hydrograph file by clicking the "Open" icon  on the top left of the Hydrograph window. 

Graph Tab

Provides a preview of the hydrograph time series which will be applied based on information in the Data Tab. 

Data Tab

Applies hydrograph time series data based on the following parameters:

Start Date - Sets the start date for the hydrograph analysis

Start Time - Sets the start time

Offset - Sets the hydrograph time offset

Hydrograph Style - Choose from Predicted, Observed, or Unknown. 


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Rainwater Tank

Workflow - What's next...?

Connect Inflows to your Stormwater Control, specify Inlets or Outlets or connect to another Stormwater Control or Junction.

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