xpdrainage 2016 Help Documentation XDH2016v1

The Data Legend shows the colours associated with values on the Surface and Deluge views.


The colour pegs for the Surface and Deluge results are set on the Display Setting form but only one can be viewed at a time. The Data Legends appear on the Plan and provide look-up tables for the surface colouring.


Example: Surface colour ramp settings and the corresponding Legend in the Plan.

Surface colour rampSurface Legend

Example: Deluge colour ramps and the corresponding legend in the Plan.

Deluge Depth colour mapDeluge DxV colour mapDeluge Legend



The Legends are shown if they are ticked on the Tree View and the data they relate too are visible on Plan.

Right-click on the Legend to open its properties form.


Border - The colour use for the Legend and colour blocks.

Background - The background colour of the Legend. If Plan is showing Print Preview the background is fixed as white.


Text - The text at the top of the Legend.

Font, Colour - The font settings for the title text.


The Label text always shows the colour ramp name.

Font, Colour - the font settings for the label text.


Workflow - What's next...?

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