Connections - Item Results shows a summary of how the selected Connection performed for the current storm/event as highlighted on the Storm Selector.


Provides 2 graphs showing different aspects of the result, each of which can be turned on and off as required.

 Flows - Provides a graph showing the inflow and outflow into/from the Inlet against time.

 Pollution - Shows the Pollutant concentrations passing through the Inlet against time.


Shows the minute by minute inflow and outflow data from the analysis of the connection.

Output Interval

The output interval comes from the value selected in the Analysis Criteria. The results are averaged over the output interval period, for example if the Output Interval is 5 minutes and the Analysis Interval is 1 minute, the results calculated for the 1 - 5 minutes intervals are averaged to produce the 5 minutes result.


Provides a break down of the Pollutant loads passing through the connection.