Innovyze Product Licensing IPL

Technology changes are a frequent occurrence. As the last year illustrates, a simple change in our daily lives can have large effects on how we work and the tools we use. Innovyze has greatly improved and simplified the licensing of Innovyze solutions. There will be no cost for existing InfoCare customers to exchange the old license for the new, and customers will benefit by having one common experience across all desktop installation software.

This simplification provides benefits to customers:

  • Single Activation Code (EID) entitlements (Fixed or Floating seats)
  • Historical Usage Information
  • License Commuting

By retiring out-of-date technology, you can be assured Innovyze will provide you with a single product experience.

What these means for you?

For those of you with a dongle, you no longer need to wait for a dongle to be shipped to you, or worry about the dongle being lost, misplaced, or damaged. Special hardware is no longer required to host the Innovyze License Administrator (ILA) on a virtual machine. No more third-party driver dependencies are required indicating that this will be easier to maintain.

The disruption to work when InfoCare license renewal occurs is no longer required. This renewal process no longer stops the modeling. No additional actions beyond paying continued maintenance is required.

With the various licensing platforms that Innovyze actively supports, we are consolidating to provide better service and streamlined support. The Floating License management across all desktop software is a bit of an implementation nightmare for many customers. The new ILA hosts all of the desktop software, making deployment and licensing the least of your worries. 

For additional information see the following page:

FAQ Innovyze Licensing Changes