Innovyze Product Licensing IPL

The following installation needs to be done on the server. A server administrator should follow the instructions below. Otherwise, contact the server administrator to perform the following installation and/or upgrade your existing floating license from the INNOVYZE FLOATING SEAT LICENSE MANAGER on the server.

To upgrade the existing license:

  1. Locate the Innovyze Floating Seat License Manager, which has the existing floating seat license(s).
  2. Select the license that needs to be upgraded in the Innovyze Floating Seat License Manager. The user does not need to check the license(s) back in for the upgrade process.

  3. Replace the existing serial number and CD key with the upgrade serial number and CD key.
  4. Set the Request License Key Online For drop-down menu to Upgrade and click the GO button to open and load the Innovyze Request License Online webpage.

  5. After submitting the license request, the online license activation system will automatically load a renewal CD key and License Key on the webpage and a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

  6. Paste the upgrade license key on the Innovyze Floating Seat License Manager dialog box and click the Apply button.
  7. Finally, install the Innovyze product(s) using the provided software download from the Innovyze website. After the installation has been completed, users have the capability of checking-in and checking-out a floating seat license from the server up to license seat cap. To find out more information about how to check out the license(s), please read the Floating License Server Users Guide. To install the Innovyze product(s), perform the following procedure:
    1. From the client computer, login with administrator rights.
    2. If the Innovyze product needs to be reinstalled (it is recommended that the previous installation is uninstalled) or installed on the client computer, please do so now.
    3. From the License Options dialog box as shown below, select the Floating License radio button.

    4. In the Floating License Server Entry dialog box, specify the location of the Innovyze Floating License Server by clicking the Browse button or typing the name or IP address of the server where the Innovyze Floating License Server is installed.

    5. In the Setup Options dialog box, select the Local Stand-alone installation (standard) radio button. The Local Stand-Alone option installs both shared files and client machine specific files in the client computer. It is recommended since the Central Repository option installs example files and client computer specific files in the client computer, then installs the common files to a central location. If the administrator updates the central repository but forgot to update the client computer, it would cause the program to fail. Also, if a user wants to use a different version, there would have to be version management between users. Most customers use the Local Stand-alone option.

    6. Finally, the Innovyze Product License dialog box will appear on the screen as shown below.

    7. After completing the installation, check if the client computer is correctly configured: 
      1. If the client machine uses Windows XP SP 2, either disable Windows Firewall or open port 5367. This port is required for client machines and the server to communicate. 
      2. Users need to have read/write/modify permissions to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\INNOVYZE directory or the ini files (H2OSM.ini, H2OSW.ini, H2OWR.ini, HNET400.ini, INFOSM.ini, INFOSW.ini, or INFOWR.ini) on the client machine.