Innovyze Product Licensing IPL

With the release of InfoAsset v14.5 and InfoWorks ICM v4.5, we are now able to offer all customers the opportunity to use a software based ‘key’ to authenticate their use of InfoWorks, InfoAsset Manager, or InfoAsset Manager rather than using a hardware lock (Dongle).

The new security ‘key’ is very much like the system used by Microsoft to authenticate a new installation of MS Windows or MS Office, where the customer enters a Product Key on first use and this is authenticated by an exchange of files between the end-user and Innovyze. The file exchange is typically done by e-mail rather than an Internet-based web server. This is a one-off process when the License Key is first applied. There is no on-going requirement to re-validate the license key, except in the situation where a license is upgraded, downgraded, or deactivated, all of which require a further one-off authorization by Innovyze to complete the process. 

Software ‘keys’ come in two types, fixed [local license] and floating [network license]. Fixed licenses are tied to one particular PC, but Floating licenses can be acquired ‘on-demand’ by any physical computer or any Virtual Machine on the network each time InfoWorks/InfoNet is used. Floating licenses can also be ‘checked out’ from the License Server to a specific laptop or workstation for a defined period of time. Once a license has been ‘checked-out’ to a local machine, the laptop can be disconnected from the network and used fully stand-alone. Checked-out licenses expire at the end of the check-out period and are returned to the license pool at that time, therefore making them available to others.

Click the links below for detailed instructions on how to authenticate your fixed license, floating license, or user settings. If you are not sure which license applies to you, contact via the support portal.

To request renewal keys for existing local and network soft license, please email with your license number(s) and request for the renewal. Once the .lic file is received, please apply using the renewal instructions below.