Innovyze Product Licensing IPL

Legacy licensing for Non-Workgroup Products and Workgroup Products uses a special dongle or a soft license, all of which are supplied by Innovyze.

Warning: You may encounter errors when renewing your legacy licensing as instructions are no longer valid to remove app1 - you can no longer complete these steps on your own. Contact our technical support and register/update your email in the Innovyze InfoCare Support Portal to have access to the latest content. 

Innovyze recommends conversions from legacy licensing, and upgrade to Thales based licensing, the newest licensing technology that Innovyze is offering. Thales licenses are simple to install and additional users or additional software or features can be added to the license remotely with little user interaction. It will also be possible to easily see who is running what using the Innovyze License Administrator (ILA).

A Thales license allows your Innovyze product to run on your PC or network or remotely. Innovyze provides an entitlement ID (EID), which your system administrator, or a user with similar privileges, uses to set up the license on a PC or network server using the ILA.

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